Our philosophy

Under the motto ‘Do things with passion, or not at all’, Marco Simonis, with over 30 years of experience in gastronomy and catering, has created a place that goes far beyond an ordinary restaurant.

Marco Simonis

‘Do things with passion, or not at all’

“It’s not uncommon for the chef himself to be in the kitchen to prepare an unforgettable culinary experience for our guests!”

Our location at Dominikanerbastei 10 is a mixture of bistro, café, delicatessen, design store, gallery and event location. In addition to our “high-end full-service catering”, our other mainstays include consulting and concept development. Quality, enjoyment and design – for us, everything revolves around creating extraordinary experiences and enjoyable culinary moments.

Appreciation and respect characterize the essence of our gastronomic approach. These values apply to our relationships with fellow human beings and business partners, and are also reflected in our appreciation of the culinary world. Every dish we create is an expression of our deepest appreciation for high-quality ingredients and authentic taste. This attitude permeates our culinary expertise and promises an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Unforgettable moments

Our personal service and flexibility provide our guests with unforgettable moments. The careful selection of high-quality, fresh and locally sourced ingredients reflects our strong commitment to quality and authenticity. At Marco Simonis, we know how to create real moments of pleasure.

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We carefully select the best, freshest and highest quality ingredients. We attach particular importance to regionality and support local producers. Our priority is seasonal and regional products.

We have long maintained partnerships with producers and manufacturers who, like us, put their heart and soul and passion into their products. We know all our suppliers personally and value the close relationship that enables us to guarantee quality and authenticity.

Marco Simonis


A very special kind of catering! We respond to all wishes and challenges, adapt our offer to your requirements and guarantee first-class quality from the selection of ingredients to the presentation. The result is beautiful and extraordinary events with attention to detail and the usual Simonis quality.

Marco Simonis

Private Dining

Imagine being the host in your own restaurant for an evening! We look after our guests and customers with great passion. We respond individually and flexibly to your wishes, always striving to offer the highest quality, enjoyment and a stylish ambience.

Marco Simonis


Our location at Dominikanerbastei 10 is a mixture of bistro, café, delicatessen, design store, gallery and event location.